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Shower Chair

London, Edinburgh | Producer

Don’t you have all your best revelations in the shower?


Join writer and comedian Ben Fallaci in the shower to get clean, physically and metaphorically. Shower Chair is an hour long comedic play that explores Ben’s journey with substance abuse, coming out, toxic friendships and the mistakes and lessons that define young adulthood. Ben washes away his mess and gets vulnerable, taking his audience on a journey from rock bottom towards recovery and self care. Shower Chair is a personal, juicy, and hilarious play about the importance of living authentically. What is left of Ben when he gets completely clean?

Shower Chair will play at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2-24 (except 11, 18) August at 8:40pm at Greenside @ George Street, Lime Studio

Ahead of its Fringe run, catch Shower Chair 12-13 July in London underneath Cuts Barber Shop

Writer and Performer: Ben Fallaci

Director: Fiona Kelly

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