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Our Mission

Put us on speaker.

Speakerphone Productions is an independent production company that develops and produces interdisciplinary dance, comedy, and theater productions. 


As a women-led organization we are dedicated to amplifying the voices of emerging artists, producing new works, and building a joyous creative community.


About Us

Zoe Novello & Sophie Visscher-Lubinizki are theater and comedy producers, choreographic collaborators, and friends. The pair began working together while attending Barnard College, where Zoe received a BA in Dance, with minors in Math and Women’s Gender Sexuality Studies, and Sophie received a BA in Dance and Education. 


In New York, Zoe & Sophie produce several monthly comedy shows including Neighborhood Darlings; Boys’ Club; Love, Sex, & Magic; and The Last Drop. They have shown their dance works at the Balance Movement and Arts Center, Triskelion Arts Center, and the Salvatore Larussa Dance Theatre. In the U.K. they recently produced HIVE, a new queer sci-fi play, which made its London debut at the Camden People’s Theatre, and ran at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August 2023.    


Zoe & Sophie are passionate storytellers who facilitate inclusive, productive, and playful project development for artists of all identities. Zoe & Sophie take an artistically-minded approach to producing and bring electric energy and thoughtful organization to each of their productions. They value silliness, risk-taking, and community care in the creative process. 


As queer women, Zoe & Sophie founded Speakerphone with the intention of prioritizing producing the work of artists who identify as LGBTQIA+, women, and those who live outside of the cisnormative gender binary. They are committed to developing stories by early-career artists that reflect diverse experiences and voices, and are curious about working at the intersection of movement and text to create innovative new productions. 


Speakerphone is actively producing comedy and developing new theatrical projects in New York and London. If you are interested in collaborating with us or supporting our work, we would be thrilled to hear from you.

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