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Boys' Club

New York | Producer

They say comedy is a Boys’ Club, so join our favorite funny boys Nico Carney and Conor Janda for a queer centered comedy show at the East Village’s iconic Club Cumming. 


Running monthly since November 2021, Boys’ Club is a staple of the downtown comedy scene. Past line ups have included: Adam Pally (ABC), Auguste White (SNL), Alex English (SNL), Kate Willet (Colbert), Zach and Drew (Showtime), Karen Chee (Late Night With Seth Meyers), and Jared Goldstein (Comedy Central). 


The show has been featured on Get Out Mag, @Newyorkers on Instagram, Nonsense NYC, The Comedy Bureau. Boys Club was a featured show in the 2022 New York Comedy Festival. 

Nico and Conor, famously pillars of masculinity, are joined by their rough and tough friends to subvert expectations of what it means to be “a boys’ club.” If you can’t make it to a show, you can also listen to the Boys’ Club podcast here!

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