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The Temp

New York | Associate Producer

Are we all faking it at our jobs? Or is that just The Temp, a pretentious ingenue ready to spill her truth on her undercover acting role at a dysfunctional New York media company.

Fresh off rave reviews from its 2023 Edinburgh Fringe debut, The Temp is back in NYC for one night only! A twisted solo play from comedian Kristina DeGiovanni and directed by Alexandra Scordato, The Temp is Fleabag-meets-The Office for the post-Great Resignation era, lampooning white-collar corporate culture through a tale of lies, betrayal, and absurd impersonations of desperate co-workers.

The Temp will play at Caveat on March 3 at 5:00pm.

Writer and Performer: Kristina DeGiovanni

Director: Alexandra Scordato

Producer: Forgotten Ones

The Quinntessential Review

“If you want to see a hugely promising young actor, with strong comic chops, and an eye for a good piece of drama, then Kristina DeGiovanni has just the show for you.[...] and I do not exaggerate when I suggest this could be an ‘I was there before they hit the big time’ experience."

Lost in Theatreland

“ The Temp effortlessly blends uproarious comedy with astute commentary on ambition. With an intoxicating blend of humour and satire,  this production is an absolute must-see that guarantees a night of unadulterated laughter."

Broadway Baby

"Bursting at the seams, brimming with hilarious quips and inspired observations... DeGiovanni’s characterisations, vocal dexterity and physicality are all executed with expert precision"

The Interrobang

DeGiovanni’s solo play is pure brilliance. It's both entertaining and social commentary on any work place anyone has ever worked in... this show feels so far beyond a one woman show and we can so easily see a television adaptation. 
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