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Nepo Bebe

New York | Producer

Sure, Conor Janda is a stand up comedian, but before he was that, he was gay, and even before that, he was some loser’s son (literally, his lawyer mother lost a court case the month he was born, making that month pretty net neutral for her). Nepo Bebe explores a question posed by sociologists, Fox News pundits, and even Janda’s cis straight male therapist, Jeffrey, alike: are people born closeted or is being in the closet something they’re taught? Janda shares his journey to answer this question, a journey that tests the limits of both his father’s love and his father’s deductible. It’s a journey that lands him in jail and on Fire Island, and he’s still not sure which was scarier. It’s a journey with broken hearts and even a broken arm (okay, sprained).

Written and performed by Conor Janda, Nepo Bebe is an hour of stand up comedy. The show has been performed at Club Cumming and Pete's Candy Shop to sold out audiences. 

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